Integrate carbon revenue

into land management

Grow resilient forestland that sequesters
more carbon – and meet revenue goals

Benefits to landowners

Apply forest management practices to increase carbon sequestration, while also meeting financial and land management goals. Adopt practices that help preserve, protect and maximize carbon stocks.

Get paid for implementing sustainable forestry practices. Receive annual payments based on the amount of carbon stored in the forest, while continuing to meet harvesting goals, or wildfire mitigation needs.

We offer multiple options for working together and offer full transparency when it comes to reviewing costs and revenue sharing.

Greenline Climate provides development services for forest carbon offset projects.

Greenline Climate provides development services for projects that generate forest carbon credits. The company specializes in projects that will reduce emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change. Our team of carbon market veterans leverage their scientific training, along with innovative carbon modeling technology, to help landowners layer carbon revenue into their land management strategy.
Greenline Climate also uniquely scales its service offerings to meet landowners’ needs. For landowners looking for turnkey, end-to-end carbon services, our experts can manage from initial project feasibility, to carbon quantification, verification, and credit sale. For landowners who want to support existing capacity and partnerships, we customize our services to allow easy integration into operational frameworks.

The Greenline Climate difference


Upfront estimates of expected carbon yields and cash flow


A clear view of financials, before making a long-term commitment

light in the forest


Service offerings that scale to meet client needs


Easy integration of carbon development into existing operations

Aerial view of land


Our scientists have pioneered innovations in carbon modeling


Estimates and measurements delivered quickly and accurately

Greenline Climate works with


credit Buyers

Financial Orgs

Land managers


Greenline Climate’s staff have developed voluntary and compliance carbon projects since the markets’ inception. Foremost, we’re a team of scientists, trained in forestry, ecosystem ecology, forest economics and management, and public policy.

Tim Kramer

Tim Kramer

Chief Executive Officer

Tim works with clients, directs the technical staff, supervises third party contractors, and coordinates with carbon registry administrators. 


Ethel Wilkerson

Ethel Wilkerson

Director of Operations

Ethel has over 15 years experience working with diverse stakeholders on natural resource and sustainability projects.


Santosh Subedi

Dr. Santosh Subedi

Director Forest Analytics

Santosh has spent the past ten years working as a forest data analyst and a biometrician helping TIMOs, REITs, and private landowners in solving their environmental and financial issues.

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