Carbon-integrated forestry

We develop high-integrity forest carbon projects that unlock new revenue streams for our clients while advancing industry standards in climate solutions.

Raising the bar for forest carbon development

Greenline Climate designs and develops forest carbon projects that are data-driven, transparent and flexible. This is underpinned by our rigorous approach to quality purposely set to build confidence of landowners and carbon market participants in their decision-making journey.

Our team of ecologists, biometricians, and foresters focuses on each client’s unique challenges and goals to build long-lasting partnerships with land owners, managers, investors and stewards of all sizes.

The unique combination of our experience and our rigorous quality approach delivers high integrity projects that yield marketable offsets.

Carbon project development
by forest carbon experts

With decades of experience in the forest carbon industry, our team of carbon veterans has honed the ability to measure a forest’s carbon value, built close relationships with trading desks, and unlocked millions in revenue for landowners large and small.

projects completed 25 Projects Completed
1m acres 1M Acres
17m credits issued 17M+ Credits Issued
170m landowner revenue $170M Landowner Revenue

Forest carbon tailored to client opportunities

Forests are long-term investments, and Greenline Climate is a long-term partner whose scalable approach enables landowners, managers, investors and stewards to make strategic decisions about carbon opportunities. Our expert team stays engaged with you through the entire development and management journey, whether you need end-to-end carbon services or tailored solutions integrated to your existing operations.

  • Timber Investment Management Organizations (TIMOs)
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Financial institutions
  • Institutional investors
  • Conservation agencies
  • Private land managers
  • Tribes

Supporting forest landowners 
with full-spectrum carbon services

Core services

We’re an end-to-end forest carbon partner who designs, develops, and manages high-quality projects, with the capacity to market and sell the credits generated.

Our core offerings include:

  • Feasibility
  • Project design
  • Registration
  • Verification
  • Issuance
  • Marketing and sales

Tailored solutions

Understanding that our clients have unique needs, we provide tailored advisory services and comprehensive support for specific challenges:

opportunity evaluation
Opportunity evaluation

A comprehensive survey of your holdings to uncover strategic insights and carbon opportunities

Rapid carbon valuation
Rapid carbon valuation

Quickly figure out how much carbon revenue any property can deliver and conduct due diligence to determine if it’s worth pursuing


Our proprietary Aggregation approach enrolls multiple holdings into a single project, enhancing carbon returns and tapping otherwise stranded carbon assets

Market expertise
Market expertise

When your credits become available, we’ll leverage our market resources and credits trading network to find the best options for the sale

Where business and climate impact meet

The necessity of climate action is undeniable, and it’s increasingly clear that forestry can play a critical role. Our projects bring an entirely new income stream to forest landowners, growing the total revenue available while having a positive impact on the climate.

Unlock your carbon revenue

Our expert team is ready to help you integrate carbon revenue into your forestry business.

Flathead Ridge Ranch

“Greenline Climate has been fantastic; they really have been the experts and walked us through every step of the process. Of all the partners we spoke to, they seemed to have the most expertise.”

— P. Ryan Langston, CEO/President